AP/ ZP Alumina Setter and Zirconia Setter with Groove for MLCC, PZT, MLCI and Ferrite


Zirconia / Alumina


Setter use in the sinter of MLCC, FERRITE, MLCI and LTCC.


Producing Factory:


Material Characteristic / Property:

AP: alumina plate (alumina setter) with groove
  1. Thin alumina holding plate in high purity material.
  2. Alumina plate does not chemically react with substances held by the plate
  3. Excellent insulation.
  4. Quality material with supreme mechanical strength.
  5. Excellent thermal conductivity helps to transmit heat evenly around the setter surface.
  6. Can design as buyer's specification.

ZP: zirconia plate (zirconia setter) with groove
  1. Zirconia alumina plate/alumina plate.
  2. Application: MLCC, PZT, MLCI, ferrite and others
  3. Product description:
    • Roughness of the grooves ensures enough space between the substances being
      used and the ZAP setter.
    • Binder and other chemical ingredients will be eliminated.
    • Enhances ore-sintering results
  4. Thin (small volume) and low density help to avoid heat loss and also help to transmit heat
    evenly on the surface.
  5. Wide usable area with small volume supports supreme production capacity.
  6. Setter's temperature decreases rapidly after heating process to ensure a friendly working
  7. The roughness of the groove helps to prevent the substance from slippage
  8. No power or stripping situation to maintain the clean surface of the substances being
    used or the clean condition of the heating device.
  9. Applies quality material for good insulation and supreme mechanical strength.
  10. Can design as buyer's specification.

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